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IMAX Cinema - Hong Kong Airport

Long-haul travelling can be a weary process at the best of times, but dull airports can make the experience even more boring.

But now a survey has unveiled what antidote passengers would most appreciate during an extended stopover - an airport cinema.

The research, carried out by flight comparison website Skyscanner, involving over 10,000 travellers, discovered that 49 percent specified an on-site cinema as their most preferred airport feature.

This is good news for Hong Kong International Airport, which has recently installed an IMAX cinema, and for Changhi Airport in Singapore with its walk-in cinema.

Next on the list was sleeping pods, giving passengers a chance to adjust through time zones during their free hours. This choice will be welcomed by Abu Dhabi Airport, which recently introduced this feature.

Cinema Wins Survey - Most Wanted Airport Activity

Reading is a common travel activity, but it might come as a surprise that 32 percent of those asked desired a library. With ebook and Kindle culture on the rise, the survey shows that people still have affection for the conventional paperback.

Many participants just wanted to escape from the claustrophobe of the aircrafts and airport by nipping to a park (31 percent) or even taking a leisurely bike-ride (11 percent). Some wanted to have these exercise facilities integrated into the terminal itself, such as a pool (20 percent) and a gym (15 percent). And for parents whose children have been on a flight, a children's play area would be ideal (21 percent.)

While the cinema proved a fairly equal choice in terms of gender, other features had a little more discrepancy.

A vanity area offering free hair-styling products and cosmetics, as can be imagined, was much more popular for women than it was for men - 45 percent versus 14 percent, respectively.

Probably the most arbitrary suggestion to enter the chart was a man-made beach, desired by 12 percent of respondents. Unfortunately for them, this feature is yet to be instated at any international airport.

Other activities not making the top ten that you might not expect to find at an airport include ice skating, live performances and a golf course.

Other Winners Include...

Here is the wishlist for airport features in full.

1. Cinema - (49 percent)

2. Sleep pod - (36 percent)

3. Library - (32 percent)

4. Park - (31 percent)

5. Vanity area - (30 percent)

6. Children's play area - (21 percent)

7. Pool - (20 percent)

8. Gym - (15 percent)

9. Man-made beach - (12 percent)
10. Bikes - (11 percent)

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